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Hothead Games: New Development Services

Hothead Games is your one-stop-shop for all your gaming needs. Our team of highly skilled and experienced game developers are here to take on everything from full game development to metaverse creation and real-time VFX projects. With our recent shift to development as a service, we are offering four new services. See our services here.

Game Development:

Hothead Games is known for developing games that are both innovative and fun to play. With a highly skilled team of game developers that can take on full game, metaverse, or real-time VFX projects, we have everything you need in-house.

In addition to full game development, Hothead Games can also provide smaller strike teams to help with optimization, liveops, design tuning services and more. We can also help you develop games for multiple platforms including mobile, console, and PC. No project is too small! With our deep recruitment pipeline, we can easily scale to meet your needs. Read more.

Metaverse Development:

Metaverse development is a relatively new field with few game studios working in the space - with a few projects already in the works, Hothead Games is ahead of the curve. With decades of AAA experience in virtual open worlds, multiplayer, scalability, live-ops, and social monetization, we have the knowledge and expertise to help bring your metaverse to life. Read more.

Support and Co-development:

We believe in working as flexibly as you need, whether that is working collaboratively, embedding into your team, joining daily meetings, or have you provide direction and us working as mercenaries. We have the resources to scale any project, and can provide support services such as art, programming, and QA. Read more.


Hothead Games can help you reach a new audience by porting your game to a new platform. As registered Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony developers we are fully set up to help get your game where you want it to go. With experience in porting games to mobile, console, and PC, we can help you launch your game everywhere or breathe new life into an older game by porting it to a new platform. Read more.

Our Team

All disciplines are represented (engineering, design, art, production, UX) in our 40 With a 40 person core team, backed up by 5-person experienced Central Technology team, we can be as nimble as you need. Our team has extensive experience in several game engines across the industry. We've worked with off the shelf game engines such as Unity, as well as custom engines including our very own, the Ballistic engine. See our team here.

Hothead Games is a video game development company that provides a wide range of services to game developers. Whether you need help with game development, metaverse development, support and co-development, or porting, Hothead Games has the knowledge and expertise to help bring your ideas to life.

If you're a game developer looking for a reliable partner, reach out to us today.

Hothead Games is an indie game development studio located in Vancouver, BC. specializing in Unity game development, mobile game production, and video game design for mobile, PC, and console. Have questions? Reach out to us today.

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