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Co-Development: An Inside Look With Tim Bennison, COO | Deconstructor of Fun

With 17 years of rich, game-building history, Hothead Games stands as more than just a studio; we are your seasoned game development partner. Our "soup to nuts" approach to game development sets new industry standards.

Check out Tim Bennison, COO of Hothead Games, recent conversation on the Deconstructor of Fun podcast. We might be bias, but we think it's an essential listen for anyone engaged in the gaming world.

An Unparalleled Journey in Co-Development

In this episode, Tim discusses the nuances of moving into work-for-hire projects, Hothead's end-to-end services from ideation to platform porting, and the strategies that have shaped our success in co-development. His insights, stemming from hands-on experience in building and publishing games, provide a roadmap for both studios considering work-for-hire and companies collaborating with co-development studios.

Honesty, Transparency, and Communication: Our Core Principles

The conversation delves into the importance of being honest, transparent, communicative, and understanding client needs. These core principles, upheld by our client-first ethos and professionalism, have fostered strong collaborations that captivate global players.

Time Zone Alignment: The Key to Success

Learn why time zone alignment, a seemingly simple yet crucial element, can be a key factor in successful co-development. Tim's wisdom, weathered through every challenge from concept to launch, emphasizes this often-overlooked aspect.

The Art of Pitching and Re-Pitching Projects

Tim also shares valuable advice regarding pitching and re-pitching projects. His tangible passion and deep-seated desire to create games that mesmerize make these insights a must for anyone aiming to excel in the gaming industry.


Hothead Games is not just a trailblazer but a partner, committed to capturing players' imaginations on a global scale. Listen to the full conversation with Tim Bennison on Youtube, Spotify, or Apple to join us in redefining the gaming world.

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