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Sea Stars

Guide the adorable Sea Stars through a sea of coins and danger!

Dive deep to pick up speed then leap from the water and make rainbows through the sky! Collect even more coins and prizes along the way.

★ Swim as far as you can to explore this colorful world and complete the fun missions
★ Explore an underwater world full of desert islands, sunken cities and treasure-laden shipwrecks.

★ Find more free prizes inside clam shells or spend your hard earned coins in the store to buy power-ups or more Sea Stars characters.

One touch controls are all you need to progress through the missions and to earn your place in the Sea Stars Hall of Fame. Some help is on hand though, Squinky the squid, Dr. Scuttles and the Rainbow Birds will help you avoid the angry jellies and rocket crabs along your path.

Choose from a host of playable characters including:
★ Dante the Dolphin
★ Oscar the Orca
★ Teeter the Otter
★ Shelly the Sea Turtle
★ Mr Puddles the Penguin
★ Niji the Narwhal, (the very rare and colorful "unicorn of the sea") and many more

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